Sallie Johnson-La Grande RDA - Computer training

Sallie Johnson LaGrande RDA is currently working as a practice management consultant, providing technical team training and implementing advanced practice protocols. As an approved continuing education provider for the Dental Board of California, Sallie teaches CPR, Dental Law, OSHA Training and Infection Control through her own company LaGrande Continuing Education. She has worked as Technology Advisor for Patterson Dental providing Eaglesoft demonstrations and training. Sallie offers Schick Digital Imaging training as well as instruction on other imaging software. Sallie belongs tothe American Dental Assisting Association, is an active participant and mentor for members of the California Dental Assisting Association.





Heidi Christopher RDH, FWCLI - Director of Education 

Heidi currently works as a clinical hygienist and has been using and researching soft-tissue lasers for 14 years.  Heidi is an Associate Instructor for the World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI) as well as provides technology and laser training through DTA. She has over 1000 hours of post graduate education with emphasis in periodontics and lasers.  Heidi holds 7 laser certifications, associate fellowships and fellowships from World Clinical Laser Institute, Academy of Laser Dentistry, International Center for Laser Education and Advanced Laser Training. Heidi lectures, teaches, trains and consults throughout the United States and is a published author. Email Heidi


our mission and credentials

Our mission is to support dental professionals in maintaining the highest standard of patient care. We strive to provide up-to-date education through evidence based science and technology in a stress free learning environment. In our CE courses and when consulting in your practice, we embrace a team approach incorporating new research, science, skills and technology to help you and your team achieve clinical excellence and practice success.  
New ideas create new opportunities...let's make it happen!


Jennifer is a full-time clinical hygienist and mother of four.  In her spare time, she is a part-time student who is committed to life long learning.  She genuinely enjoys educating patients and colleagues about how lasers can improve the oral health and overall wellness.  She currently holds an associate fellowship with World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI).

elaine rodriguez rdh - arizona division

Elaine is a full-time clinical hygienist in the Phoenix, AZ area. She holds 3 Diode Certifications and has been using laser in daily practice for years. Elaine also has Dental Team Institute's Diamonds in Hygiene Training which has enabled her to implement advanced hygiene protocols and increase hygiene production 50%! Elaine's expertise in practice management, ROI and effective communication has significantly enhanced our programs. 

donna avakoff rdh- Clinical instructor

Donna works as a full time clinical dental hygienist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Beginning 10 years ago she developed and implemented Periodontal Laser Therapies very successfully in both of her current practices. Donna's passion is mentoring other hygienists in developing personalized treatment strategies that improve overall health. In addition to her numerous Laser Trainings and Certifications she has Fortune Management and Hygiene Mastery Education. Donna has developed personalized courses to assist her colleagues in developing the confidence and skills required to achieve clinical excellence. Email Donna

Liz marks RDh - Clinical instructor

Liz has been a clinical hygienist for 19 years, practicing in both Periodontal and General dental practices.  Liz was instrumental in implementing Diode Laser Periodontal Therapies as the standard armamentarium in the Santa Barbara office where she has practiced for the past 5 years. She holds 2 Diode Laser certificates and has worked with Diode Lasers over the past 8 years. Through collaborations with her local medical community and her dental practice, Liz provides Laser Therapy and oral health laser education to cancer patients in need. Liz's enactment of new laser protocols has significantly raised production in her practice's hygiene department while dramatically improving patient care. Additionally, for over 20 years Liz has served her colleagues by volunteering as a board member for many organizations including California Dental Hygiene Association and the American Dental Hygiene Association. Email Liz

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